We are offering you an opportunity to own a luxurious Apartment, which:

  • will ensure you a return on investment even up to 8% per annum, counted on the basis of gross profit distribution;
  • is completely maintenance-free, as due to a long-term lease agreement it is us who take care of daily management, maintenance, repairs, marketing and servicing hotel guests and it is us who bear all the costs connected therewith;
  • is your base for luxurious relaxation throughout an unlimited number of days during the year
  • is an excellent capital allocation, or even more than that as it is a tool for safe and efficient increasing your property;
  • it gives an opportunity of full refund of VAT tax, the instruction of which are included in the bookmark “Downloads”
  • it comes with the full ownership right and its own land and mortgage register
  • you can dispose of at any time, as a new purchase will take over the already existing agreement.