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Return on investment even up to 8% p.a.

About the project

Wisełka Apartments & Spa is a new complex located in the heart of the Beskids – in Wisła. The project covers 129 apartments built from the top-quality materials and furnished in line with modern design rooted in mountainous settings.
The paramount asset of our project is its location in the Landscape Park in the Silesian Beskid, on the border with the Wisła Nature Reserve, along a picturesque meander of the Vistula river, by the waterfall.

We are offering you an opportunity to be the owner of a luxurious apartment, in which you can relax in peacefulness and tranquillity of the surrounding nature, the apartment which generate an annual return on investment of even up to 8%. It will be a perfect financial security for the future as its value will be increasing with every year.

The surroundings of the complex guarantee loads of attractions for lovers of winter sports (Adam Małysz ski jumping hill and the newest skiing stations located in the nearest neighbourhood), for enthusiasts of hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing along the mountain trails (Barania Góra, Czantoria, Jaworzyna, Stożek, Koniaków mountains).

Opening of the facility: 1st quarter 2020


Wysoki standard / nowoczesny design
Restauracje regionalne
Centrum urokliwych Beskidów
Baseny / SPA
Sala konferencyjna
Serwis rowerowy i narciarski
Luksusowy wypoczynek
Sala gamingowa i plac zabaw
Stacja ładowania samochodów

Model biznesowy

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Wariant powierzchni:

Wariant obłożenia: (w skali roku)

Liczba dni obłożenia
w skali roku


z tytułu wynajmu

74 100 zł

Przychód właściciela
lokalu (-50%)

37 050 zł



Dni do wykorzystania
przez właściciela


Parametry apartamentu

Pow. apartamentu (m2)
Cena za m2 netto
11 600,00 zł
Cena za m2 brutto
14 268,00 zł
Wartość apartamentu netto
408 320,00 zł
Wartość apartamentu brutto
502 233,60 zł
Szacowana cena netto za noc
342 zł

Zwrot 23% podatku VAT - Inwestor, nabywając apartament, ma możliwość ubiegania się o zwrot podatku VAT.
Niniejsza kalkulacja ma charakter informacyjny i nie stanowi oferty handlowej

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Nestled around the pond by which wooden terraces invite to relaxation, the complex of buildings perfectly merges with the surrounding nature. Its form draws on modern sober Scandinavian style. We took great care to select top quality materials and implemented leading-edge technologies, which significantly enhances the economy of use of the Apartments.

We offer you Apartments with full ownership rights and your own land and mortgage register. The Apartments with the floor area between 32 and 63 m2 have been arranged having in mind the most demanding clients, who appreciate comfort and functionality. The interiors have been designed in accordance with the latest trends. High quality equipment and furnishing, comfortable furniture, soft textiles, warm and subdued colours form beautiful, aesthetic whole. Everything for your convenience and comfort.
Safety and comfort are ensured thanks to modern lifts, monitoring system and electronic locks. All Apartments have their own terraces with the floor area reaching even 20 m2.

Within the complex area there is a spa zone offering several types of Jacuzzi, a coffee bar, a gym, conference facilities, a playground for children and reception opened round the clock.

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1) Wariant obłożenia apartamentu w skali roku (kolejno): GUS (35%). Prognozowany (59%), Wzrostowy (72%), (wariant obłożenia apartamentu 38m²)
2) WIG 20 total return
3) Home Broker, dostęp: styczeń 2019
4) Obligacje Skarbowe, dostęp: styczeń 2019
5) NBP, dostęp: styczeń 2019


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